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Interactive multimedia books may seem like a relatively new and niche product, but their presence has taken the market by storm. They have unexpectedly boosted literacy and fueled explosive growth in the audio book market. It is still possible to join multimedia book revolution, and reach a wider range of readers than before.

As we see beloved book shops becoming a thing of the past, as sad as this is, it needn’t be a worry as people are still reading, however they are searching for material that is easily accessible online, we are in the age of convenience where people don’t want to wait for a book to be delivered from Amazon, they want it there and then.

Make sure that you’re at the forefront of change which has come from the new generation of readers. We are in a digital age in which the way people read books has dramatically changed, as a result there are more and more people switching from books as we have known and loved into interactive multimedia or ebooks!

We live in a time in which people may not see themselves having time to set themselves down with a cup of tea and a good book any more, instead we find ourselves in a time where everyone is always on the go and more people are investing in portable media devices to keep themselves entertained and stimulated on the go.

Textonica are a publishing service that brings life to anything from a paperback novel to a power point presentation, and gives them a voice of their own! Enabling writers to transform literature into interactive voice books, or as we like to call them “vBooks”.

Whether your readers are on the morning commute, washing the dishes at home or as they complete their workout routine, we are living in a time that whilst we are doing the most mundane of tasks, our readers can have an educational or leisurely experience, all thanks to your narration, your readers can use your vBooks to redeem their monotonous tasks and routines.

VBooks are easily accessible and available to be downloaded by readers as interactive multimedia books or catalogues, compatible on the web, tablets and Iphone and Android applications.

It’s not only a virtual presence that is created by vBooks, but thanks to technology, readers can now enjoy interactive elements to what they are reading, by listening to audio narration which accompanies text and images, readers can listen to sound effects from the turning of a page for that nostalgic paperback feeling, to fun effects to add that dramatic effect to your text.

Writers can put their voice alongside their own words. Saving the trouble of finding the right person to words to life. Allowing their own voice to set the scene, to accompany their words by creating the correct mood and tone for your book, making more personal and intimate than ever before.

Young or old, we can all enjoy the benefits of reading vBooks, children can revel in the magic of the vBook, as they enjoy the sound and the color making it easier for their imagination to run wild. Adults can be further enthralled in their poetry as they listen to it linger on the lips of their favorite poets or terrify themselves further with a good crime novel. Vbooks enable writers to become the perfect person for the job, and allow them to move forwards into the 21st century with their work, and enables them to ensure the powerful delivery that they intended.